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While this salon-quality line is relatively new to the market, its conditioning power is downright miraculous. After just one use, the conditioner’s reconstructive all-star cast of keratin protein, silk protein and jojoba oil restores even the most damaged hair to near perfection and doesn’t leave a silicone residue, nor does it make your hair greasy. Plus, the moisture lasts for days, so you don’t have to condition as often (and cutting down on shower time is always good).
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Brittany Castro (

Since I’m doing more TV and media work with my business these days, having healthy hair is important. To make it work financially, I made sure to review my budget to add this as another line item and cut out some expenses elsewhere so I could buy the product guilt-free.
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Stuart Brazell (

Now my hair feels silky and healthy, which is a big plus for me! I’m constantly using hot tools and putting my hair through it for my job as a television host. My hair looks better than ever and a couple of people have even commented on how good my hair.
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We use the Christine by Van Thomas Concepts product line, which is unlike any shampoo/conditioner product on the market because of its exclusive “Life Complex™” formulation. The Life Complex™ formula combines Keratin and Silk protein with Jojoba oil to replenish nutrients and restore hair to its best possible health. Christine is made for all hair types and you’ll see results after just 1 shampoo and conditioner – it’s cray cray!

Gloss and Dirt

Yeah, Science!– These homies have something called The Life Complex (sounds sexy) which is made up of keratin, silk proteins, and jojoba oil, and helps replenish nutrients in your hair. It’s what TLC named themselves after. (No. No, it isn’t.)
Why I Love This Ish — The combination of these two is pretty damn flawless. The shampoo is really cleansing, then that beast of a Reconstruct conditioner just makes my hair feel healthy, man. Plus, the packaging says cute ish like “This package includes: a new and improved head of hair. Note: not a new and improved you. You already rock.” Cue the “AWWWWW” soundtrack!

My hair really likes this stuff, and I am super picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. It’s hard to explain what it does, but the times I’ve used it, my hair just looked like I had that shiny über amazing hair that’s in hair commercials. Which is always a good thing. I also think the copywriting on the packaging is superb ( stuff like this matters folks), and I LOVE that the product line is named after Van Thomas’s late daughter, Christine.”

Jenny Ingram (Jenny On The Spot)

I love the product – ESPECIALLY the conditioner. I always struggle a bit with the higher-end shampoo due to the lack of lather overall… but I was please with how it cleaned. I just have thick hair and getting that clean-lather feeling during the wash is a bit of work. BUT, being familiar with higher-end shampoo I know that this is normal (for lack of technical knowledge). But… I was very pleased with the shampoo.

As far as the conditioner, I absolutely loved it. I took both with my to a conference and a friend ended up using the conditioner too. I asked how she liked it – and she said she really, really liked it as well. Because my hair is thick, I am very picky about my conditioner (more than shampoo), and it was so effective at helping with the tangles AND my hair felt so smooth and soft after styling. And then the smell… that might be my favorite piece of the product. I loved the smell. My hair really holds onto scents (not so great when cooking bacon), and I loved the scent. Not overpowering, but lovely.

Crystal Park (

Since moving to Massachusetts, I’ve noticed that my hair and skin feel a lot drier. Is it the climate change or the cold? I don’t know, but using the Van Thomas Concepts The Duo Shampoo and Conditioner ($45 US) has helped bring back the softness to my hair.

I love conditioners that simultaneously detangle, like this one. The scent for both products is fresh, but uniquely so, in that it doesn’t smell fruity or floral like most hair care lines. Unfortunately, I find that these products aren’t ones where a dime-sized drop will do, so I will probably end up finishing the bottles faster than I’d like.”

Alternative Indigo (

Guys, this shampoo and conditioner are sulfate and paraben free! Which makes me sayyyy yay! They are perfect for the dry winters aka you need it. And soooo good for colored hair like mine! Say goodbye to 2 month touch ups. Even after the first use I noticed a HUGE difference in the over-all texture of my hair. Amaze.

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