A Logical approach to hair

over 35 years of experience in every bottle

Van Thomas Concepts LLC was founded by CEO Van Thomas. No stranger to hair care, Van has styled, lectured and appeared in 36 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia, and was honored with a nomination for the NAHA’s North American Multi-Cultural Stylist of the Year award. Van’s wealth of experience comes from a storied 35 year career as both stylist and international education director for premier global beauty manufacturers. Regarded as one of the top educators and stylists across the globe, Van has spent four decades perfecting his craft and educating other hair care professionals – including some of the most celebrated stylists in the industry.

Known for his “Logical approach to hair”, Van spent years developing and honing products that could satisfy his simple yet powerful philosophy for the healthiest hair possible: Wash, Reconstruct and Protect. Decades of intense hair and product research inspired several revolutionary formulas that proved real results including the Life Complex®. He was prodded for years by his daughter Christine to release a product line- but always declined, with the promise that he would do it “someday, when the time is right”.

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