All hair is damaged.

Whether you blow dry, curl, run your fingers through it or step outside into the sun’s UV rays- you are losing keratin and other key nutrients from your hair EVERY day.  Using products that merely coat your hair is like putting a new paint job on your termite infested home.  The holes in your hair’s foundation will only get worse- and without replenishing it with vital proteins deep into the damaged cuticle, it will eventually just fall apart (ie. frizz, split-ends and breakage).

Our exclusive Life Complex® combines three key all-natural ingredients that are the closest to the hair’s proteins and nutrients.  This incredible formula has been refined over four decades through salon and professional manufacturing testing.  So we know we are giving your hair back what it loses every day.  You will finally have that truly healthy hair foundation you never even knew existed.

Christine’s powerful formulation restores protein, strength and moisture to your hair and adds compliments to your day.


We deliver the goods!

Having the best all natural anti-aging and hair restorative ingredients is great.  But how do we get this stuff deep enough to really repair your hair?  With Nanotechnology.

Using a scientific approach of hydrolyzing proteins and lowering the molecular weight of the Life Complex®, we make it small enough to pass through the protective cuticle tiles and deliver our essential  proteins and nutrient payloads deep inside the hair.  That means real hair repair where you need it most, and where other products just can’t reach.  Nothing better than rebuilding healthy hair from the inside out!

Tiny bubbles.

Meanwhile, the microlather technology in the Christine shampoo provides a rich luxurious lather made up of extremely tiny bubbles.  The bubble’s tiny size was specifically formulated to help get our Life Complex® into all of the little corners of the most unruly and tangled hair to remove more dirt and oil build up for a healthier, more thorough clean.  Sorry big bubbles…

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