• Danielle L.

    "I’ve been using the Christine products for the last 4 weeks and have seen such a remarkable difference in both texture and style.
    The shampoo really cleanses well but the conditioner is my favorite. I have naturally curly hair so at times it’s hard to find a product that gets through the tangles, but the Christine conditioner works its way through so well, and when it dries, my curls are naturally bouncy and healthier.
    The protective glaze works wonders too as it really shines and shows off my highlights. The Christine 3-step product line is one of the best out there. You feel like you’re really doing your hair a favor by using these products daily."

  • Dana P.

    "I have struggled for the past couple of years with my dry, frizzy hair. I have tried everything and spent more money than I'd like to admit. When I tried the Christine line, I was so impressed! Instantly, I noticed a difference. My hair was softer and had virtually no frizz. I got more compliments on my hair in the first week I used Christine than I had in past three years combined! I am absolutely addicted. I finally have the hair I had when I was younger."

  • Kristen E.

    "Christine hair care products were recommended to me by a friend. After attending a webinar and hearing how knowledgeable the creator of the line was, I switched to Christine immediately. The product works, the price is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. Although I always thought I had fairly healthy hair, after using Christine, I now KNOW it is healthy." 

  • Lauren C.

    "Christine Products are amazing and smell like a afternoon at the spa. I specially love the conditioner it's make my hair feel like silk and when I straighten my hair you can see such movement, so shinny!!!"