The Life Complex™ is a breakthrough formula developed by Van Thomas Concepts incorporating three vital ingredients to restore hair and skin to their best possible health.

    Keratin Protein - Hair and skin is made mostly of keratin, which we lose every day. Restoring this powerful protein is crucial to repairing daily damage.

    Silk Protein - Silk is used to help rebuild hair's strength and elasticity, and lock in moisture. Known for its ability to hold thousands of times its weight in moisture, silk helps to prevent hair and skin from drying out.

    Jojoba Oil - Jojoba oil is added because it is most similar to the body's natural oil. It conditions the skin to create a healthy scalp; and healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp.
    These three key ingredients make up the Life Complex™ and are infused into every one of our products. So with every shower, you’ll replenish the nutrients your hair and skin needs to look and feel its best.

  • Why is “sulfate-free” important?

    Sulfates are a cleaning agent that can pull color from the hair.
    Sulfate-free shampoos are color-safe and will help your color last longer.
    Sulfate-free shampoos are also beneficial to those that do not color their hair because it is a milder, gentler shampoo.

  • Are there any products I can use to repair split ends?


    A lot of products claim they can fix split ends. The reality is, once the tip of your hair splits, there is nothing you can do to fuse the ends back together. The only solution is to trim them off.

  • What can I do to help my hair grow faster?

    Unfortunately, nothing can increase the speed at which your hair grows. If you are trying to increase the length of your hair, the best advice is to continue trimming your hair on a routine basis to prevent split ends and maintain an even length. Every six weeks, take just a 1/16 of an inch off the ends. Attempting to grow your hair long without trimming will result in very uneven growth and severely damaged ends. Avoid cutting more off the end by keeping hair trimmed and healthy. By using a product like the Van Thomas Concepts hair care line you can reinforce protein-rich and healthy growing hair.

  • Does blow drying cause damage?

    Yes. So learning to minimize the damage is very important. When selecting a blow dryer for home use, find one with cool, medium and hot settings. Also, use the air directive nozzle that comes with the dryer to concentrate the airflow. Never hold the dryer in one place too long (this also applies to curling irons and flat irons), and be careful not to over-dry. Applying a protective glaze prior to any styling helps protect your hair from heat, UV rays, irons, etc.

  • Why is rinsing my hair with cool water a benefit?

    Rinsing with cool water does a few things. The scalp has pores just like the skin. A cool rinse helps close the pores of the scalp as well as the cuticle layer of the hair. The result of a closed cuticle is more shine and more protection.